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From here you can choose which British county you wish to see or choose our specialist wartime airfield tours.  All of our educational Introductory Flights last between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.  Alternatively treat yourself or a loved on a blast from the past experience in our classic aircraft.  Remember that the aircraft seats range from 1-6 passengers so make it a trip to remember with family or friends by cost sharing the trip. 

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WW2 & Cold War Airfields Tours Themed Cold War Spy Days

For something unique for your stag or hen day or a corporate training day, then why not talk to us about the UK’s only themed spy day, utilising intelligence skills to hunt down the Russian arms dealer along with your skills as an aerial photographer from the aircraft. This is an all day minimum of 6 persons activity day.  For corporate’s, with planning it can be operated at an airfield near your corporate offices. Check out Themed Cold War Spy Days

For any details on any flight or activity call 07852 780136 or email