Prices & Terms

Many thanks for visiting us. My name is Nick and I developed the non-profit organisation Pleasure Flying Club Ltd to bring some general aviation experiences and some education to a wider public.  The concept came from a mix of years of experience in corporate/VIP aviation mostly in war zones and security and intelligence services.  What we wanted to do was create something in a non-profit organisation which was both modern and classic, created excitement in general aviation for all ages but was educational.  There are thousands of war stories and thousands of tours and thousands of films you can watch.  Pleasure Flying Club takes that experience to another level putting you inside a real-time classic flying experience and in some cases even debriefing your military photo reconnaissance plus a trip into the museum** afterwards.


Flight TimeOne Off Base Cost1st AdultAdditional Adult(s) Child Discount
30 mins
45 mins£94.00Included
60 mins£127.00Included
60 mins airfield spy experience flight with museum entrance**£189.00Included
over 80% discount
over 85% discount

For these reasons we are not the cheapest flight experience in the UK but we are different, we are quality, we take the experience and education to another level past just the flight.  If you aren’t more than happy at the end of your introductory flight tour, then I will personally try to make it up to you somehow.

Thanks and enjoy.

** Please note that the RAF Wellesbourne museum will only be open on Sunday’s and Bank Holiday Monday’s.  Its Vulcan bomber is open on Saturdays.

The small print stuff:

The table gives an indication of pricing.  There are some differences depending on other Airfields you are based from and which aircraft is used.  If you go to “vouchers & book” page then after you click “book” you will be given the exact price.  We never insist that you to pay in full at the time of booking, unlike most experience days websites. You can pay a small deposit and then if change your mind or don’t turn up nothing more to pay.  Even though your flight might be 60 minutes hour your total experience time may last 2-3 times that.  Now that’s a good value experience which is one of a kind.  Unlike airlines all our prices include all taxes, credit card charges and a cup of tea!  Other points which are conditions of your booking:

On the day of your flight it is weather dependant, something out of our control. If in the day before your flight the Squadron Captain of your flight decides the weather (wind, rain, cloud base, thunder and lightning), all the good British weather is forecast as just too much for your comfort and safety then we will call you to rearrange a slightly different time or a different day. Classic aircraft also require high maintenance.  We have a strict regulated maintenance schedule which we adhere to, however sometime unscheduled maintenance can be required, this could in term require rescheduling of your flight.  Classic aircraft are also restricted some times by the amount of weight they can carry if totally full.  Usually this isn’t a problem for us because we are not flying hundreds of miles.  However if you or the other passengers with you are more than 90KGS in weight then just let us know straight after your booking and we can make sure we have the right aircraft in place.  If you are purchasing a voucher then these have an expiry period of 180 days from the date of purchase.