About Us

Pleasure Flying Club Ltd is a non-profit organisation incorporated in England under registration number 08811472. We encourage all of our passengers to be members of the club and organisation.  It is important to us to develop members interests in general aviation aircraft and countryside and classic airfields around us. Pleasure Flying Club Ltd was founded by Nick who is still involved with the aircraft operations as this and security training has been his background for the past 30 years along with serving with HM armed forces.  The business now has new blood in it to develop the customer experience.

Our core educational tours are flying tours over disused world war two airfields and the recently decommissioned cold war airfields where cold war bombers can still be seen.

We also offer more traditional scenic flying tours as introductory flights across some of the most picturesque scenery of the Sussex, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Become a member via facebook or twitter to be receive the vintage timetable first.  

No matter which flight you take you will be taking in well-known, local tourist attractions with commentary from our friendly and knowledgeable pilots.  

The Pleasure Flying Club aircraft are based in Coventry, Wellesbourne and Brighton City airports. Our introductory flights last from 30 minutes to a little over an hour based on the route you choose. Jump to routes here.

Take a look at our classic, vintage and general aviation aircraft.  Even if you fly with other passengers we encourage you to ask questions and talk amongst yourselves as this will only serve to enhance your entire trip.  The pilot will let you know when he needs some quiet for take-off and landing and when the pilot needs to communicate with Air Traffic Control.  Otherwise, please be as chatty as you like!!

Introductory Flights and Pleasure Flights have been operated for many years providing complete satisfaction to thousands of customers.  We strive to deliver a first class experience and expect to welcome back guests with some learning to fly.

Our trusted pilots operating our club aircraft have logged more than 20,000 combined flying hours in various aircraft.  Due to a recent change in regulations by the civil aviation authority, who wish to encourage clubs and non-profit organisations to develop more interest in General Aviation, the opportunity of introductory flights is now open to more people than ever.  Safety is our primary concern and we follow closely published regulations.  You can be assured that with our pilots and our extensively maintained aircraft, you will be able to relax and simply enjoy your sightseeing and flying experience of the English countryside like never before!